About C&N Barns


With years of barn building experience already established, C&N Barns construction company was founded in 1990. Since then C&N Barns has grown to serve all of the Northeast. Building barns in every state in New England and throughout New York State. C&N Barns is a small company that prides itself in producing more quality than quantity. We use only the finest products and provide excellence in craftsmanship.

Over the years, C&N Barns has developed better techniques to produce a superior product. To allow for less building time on site, most of our barns are pre-built at our shop. In some cases they are at least precut, if the wall height is to tall for transport.

C&N Barns is continually upgrading techniques and materials to provide a higher quality barn product. If you have any questions about materials, design or structure, we will be glad to answer them for you. We will visit your site to provide you with a free estimate.



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